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Gap Analysis, Policy Checking and Human Resources Training

Complying with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, can look rather daunting. However, it need not be. If you  need expert advice and practical support, we are here to help. We can bring your organisation up to speed with a comprehensive gap analysis and ensure that all of your privacy notices, contract templates and other internal documents are drafted properly. Whatever you require, we’ll make sure that you’re totally prepared for any eventuality. So please get in touch today if you are looking for a data protection consultant who can offer the right advice.

So please get in touch today if you are looking for a data protection consultant who can offer the right advice.

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Data Protection Audits, Health-Checks, Checklists and Gap Analysis

Businesses have a number of obligations under data protection law. The best way to see if your organisation is compliant with the law is through a thorough gap analysis. We can provide a data protection audit that will examine  your existing controls, policies and processes to test for any weaknesses that need improving to achieve compliance. With a DPP gap analysis we will identify just what needs to be done to bring your organisation up to speed.




GDPR Data Protection Consultancy in UK and Europe

Data Protection Compliance Advice and Support

Whether you have a specific issue you need assistance with or you require ongoing support, we have the knowledge and experience to give you what you need so that you are in the best position to act.

We can help you to apply data protection law analysis across all business areas, as well as provide and advise on personal data transfer solutions including binding corporate rules (BCR), EU model clauses and the US privacy shield for business conducted across the pond. Contact us today at DPP, if you are seeking data protection consultant advice.



Privacy Impact Assessments

If the risks involved with handling your data are particularly high then it is important that you carry out a privacy impact assessment. An assessment will ensure that your processes comply with legislation, give you an idea of the risks involved in handling that data and the steps you can take to minimise the risks to the rights and freedoms of the individuals concerned


Privacy Notices

Having appropriate privacy notices  in place is essential to demonstrating how you will protect your customers’ and employees’ data. These are critical documents which outline your commitment to privacy and the steps you will take to protect their rights and freedoms. At DPP, we have of the right experience for drafting policy notices that are clear, concise and ensure you are compliant with the law.

Policy Checking and Authoring

It is important that you have policies in place that are transparent, clear and comprehensible. You will also need to regularly review and modify these if your business expands or there are changes in your operations and processes. At DPP, we will make sure that you have the right policies in place to protect your organisation.

GDPR Training

Data protection laws are very far reaching and inevitably your sales, marketing and human resource operations will be affected. We can help you manage this by providing expert training and awareness that is practical, relevant and understandable.




ICO Personal Data Breach Notification Support

If you have suffered a breach, the onus is on you to report this to the Information Commission Office (ICO) within 72 hours. It is essential that you have the right procedures to help you detect, investigate and escalate as required as and when breaches occur. Contact us today to learn how we can help you to put this in to practice.

ICO Fines

Find out about the fines that you could incur if you do not adhere to data protection laws.