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At DPP we have been helping companies prepare and protect themselves for a number of years. Whether your sector is in banking, asset management or wealth, finance or anything else we have the right experience and knowledge on-hand to ensure your business is in the best possible shape when it comes to tackling data protection. We have a proven track record of implementing GDPR and data protection law in large commercial organisations so you can be sure that however complex your needs, we can provide real-time practical solutions that ensure you are GDPR and DPA compliant. 

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Data Protection Helpline

We can provide ongoing support as and when you need it. If you have an emergency and it is very urgent, just pick up the phone and we will be able to offer help.

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Why Work with DPP


Qualified GDPR Professionals with Legal Backgrounds

All of our data protection and GDPR experts are trained lawyers in the UK who are eminent in their field. When it comes to questions around data protection the answers aren’t always clear cut, but we endeavour to provide support that is practical, understandable and easy to implement.


An Extensive, Shared Knowledge Base

We have vast experience of implementing data protection requirements across a range of financial and banking scenarios. With an expert and professional understanding of data protection laws and its application to businesses in the UK, you can be sure that DPP can find the answer to your problems.


Wide Sector Experience

We have  extensive knowledge and experience across  a number of specialist business areas and departments within commercial organisations of all sizes. So we know and can advise exactly how data protection law affects your business and your sector.



Identified Primary and Secondary DPOs

Acting as your DPO, not only we will be able advise on and ensure total data protection compliance, will be always be on hand with ongoing data protection support and guidance.



Rapid Reaction Breach Response

If you have suffered a real or suspected data breach then it is important you act quickly to mitigate the consequences whilst also managing   strict data breach reporting deadlines set out under GDPR. Acting slowly or improperly could leave you in ongoing breach situation, open to fines and sanctions from the regulator as well as complaints and legal claims from the individuals whose data has been compromised.

At DPP we know exactly what to do should the worst happen, and we’ll do everything in our power to guide you and reduce any harm or reputational risk that your business might suffer.





 GDPR Data Protection Consultancy in UK and Europe

UK Expertise

As trained data protection lawyers we have a thorough understanding of all data protection laws as they apply across the UK. Even though Brexit is making the commercial landscape  more uncertain, we will do everything in our power to ensure that your business remains protected to the highest level possible.

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If you are looking for a professional and effective data protection consultancy in the UK, get in touch today, to find out what we can do for your business.