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Understanding your rights and responsibilities under data protection law can be difficult. The advent of the new GDPR regulations and Data Protection Act  in 2018 saw the biggest single change to data protection law in the UK and Europe in 20 years. The difficulty with understanding these new and complex laws means that even though the GDPR has been law since May 2018, for many businesses handling personal data in the UK today there is still  confusion as to how organisations and businesses should process data in accordance with the law. This confusion has undoubtedly been further exacerbated by  uncertainty around Brexit.

At DPP, we have a proven track record of implementing GDPR and DPA requirements, including understanding where your company’s personal data risks are, remediating third-party and intra-company contracts and terms of business whilst  at all time providing clear and accurate data protection advice.

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We are data privacy consultants and GDPR specialists, using trained English qualified lawyers with years of experience helping global financial organisations, banks and  SMEs successfully navigate the confusing twists and turns  of data protection. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and down to earth approach.

We offer solutions that are easy to understand and implement at the first time of asking. If you are looking for a GDPR specialist, Data Privacy SMESME, Privacy Lawyer or a data protection consultant anywhere in the UK, contact DPP today, and find out what we can do for your business.





Our Data Protection Consultancy Services

Policy Checking and Drafting

We strive to ensure that you have fit-for-purpose policies and procedures that are impeccable - designed with our expert advice and input

GDPR and Data Privacy Training

Prepare your workforce for every eventuality with our specialist training. Available on request and at a bespoke level regardless of the level of audience


Privacy Impact Assessments

We can ensure that the risks of your project are minimised through a comprehensive analysis of the risk and consideration of the necessary controls and procedures required to mitigate those risks.

Contract Review and Remediation

Under the GDPR and DPA you are required, by law, to have appropriate legal terms and conditions within your contracts. Whether these are contracts relating to your staff or employees, your third-party service providers or suppliers or even inter-company agreements, a full review and implementation of new clauses that meet GDPR standards is an absolute must

Data Protection Compliance

At all times we will provide accurate and succinct advice in the minefield of data protection and privacy ensuring, at all times, that your business is in full compliance with UK legal and regulatory requirements in this area


ICO Personal Data Breach
Notification Support

If you have suffered a data breach, we’ll help you to liaise with the ICO in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR and can guide you to ensure a breach does not re-occur


Privacy Notices

We can help you to draft privacy notices that ensure your business processes data in the correct way and that you meet and preserve the rights and freedoms of the individuals concerned


Data Protection Audits, Health-Checks, Checklists and Gap Analysis

We will get your company up to speed with a full comprehensive check of your systems and processes to see where your personal data is stored and what the associated risks might be. We will then get you on a ‘fast-track’ to GDPR compliance



Learn more about our GDPR data protection consultancy in the UK, by getting in touch.




Why You Need to Think About GDPR

The new levels of fines and sanctions for breaches of GDPR and DPA can be a daunting prospect. Currently, depending on the nature of the breach, these are set at:

  • Up to €10 million or 2% of company turnover (whichever is the greatest); or
  • Up to €20 million or 4% of company turnover (whichever is the greatest)

In addition, businesses may also be subject to legal claims from individuals who have suffered any material or non-material damage through mis-use of their data which, together with the resulting reputational risk to your organisation or company, could have a serious detrimental impact on your ability to do business.




What We Can Do for Your Business

  • Website Review & Cookies
  • Qualified GDPR & Data Privacy Professionals with Legal Backgrounds
  • English law qualified lawyers
  • An Extensive, Shared Knowledge Base
  • UK & Europe Expertise
  • Wide Sector Experience including Human Resource, Procurement, Finance and IT
  • A Data Protection Help Line
  • Meeting Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) & other rights
  • Rapid Reaction Breach Response
  • Compliant Marketing and Adverts





Research shows that many companies have only limited or no awareness of data protection laws and how it affects their business.

The new GDPR regulations and  DPA 2018 have afforded individuals new and enhanced  personal data rights. Failing to account for this and having the right procedures in place to respond in the timeframes required could have serious implications for your business. Even if you are a non-EU company, if your goods and services are used by or intended to be used by EU citizens,  GPDR will still apply. Complying with GDPR is not just about avoiding fines and disciplinary action. A data breaches of any kind could seriously harm your customers, your reputation and also and your ability to do business.

Committing to a robust data protection solution in the workplace will show that you are committed to not only your business, but also your customers.



GDPR Data Protection Consultancy

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We have experience of working with corporate and commercial entities of all sizes across all industry sectors whether it be from finance, banking or asset management. We are based in London but can offer services wherever you are in the United Kingdom.